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How Do Car Accident Settlements Work in South Carolina?

Car accident settlement procedure might vary considerably, depending on the situation and parties involved, but most have some common features. The process starts when you file a claim with the insurer. An insurance claims adjuster investigates the incident and reviews the evidence submitted with your claim. In many situations this is followed by the insurance company making a settlement offer. If the offer does not cover your damages you can submit a counteroffer, along with any evidence or arguments that may help support the amount you are requesting. There may several rounds of negotiation before a mutually acceptable agreement is reached. If you accept a settlement offer you will waive your ability to sue for the accident. If no agreement can be reached you must then file a lawsuit in civil court.Get Legal Help with the Settlement Process After a Car Accident in South Carolina Dealing with insurance companies and state agencies after a car accident can add stress to an already stressful situation. A lawyer's assistance can make this process much simpler and help ensure that you get fairly compensated for your damages. Ease some your stress -- speak to a skilled car accident attorney in South Carolina today.

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