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Are Bartenders at Fault?

A bartender in Texas was arrested for serving alcohol to man that later went on a shooting spree.

Is the bartender at fault?

David Savage writes, "A tough call?… The drunk had a BA. of .333% (more than 4x the legal limit).

It appears from a reading of the entire article that the arrest did not stem from the number of drinks served during the last visit to the bar, but rather from serving alcohol with knowledge of prior over service, being obviously intoxicated and observed changes is demeanor.

Under both TIP’s and ServeSafe alcohol training materials, these observations constitute red flags with regard to the service of alcohol. The arrest affidavit indicates that when the drunk arrived at the bar he told the bartender he had to "take care of business and put someone in their place." Also of note is the surveillance video which showed the drunk "walking into tables, spinning a knife with about a 6.5-inch blade and pulling a gun from his waistband."

Is this the person you want to serve multiple beers and a shot? The alcohol service training materials say no!"

Read the CNN Article Here

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