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Dram Shop Injuries (Cont.)

"David Savage is the attorney who teaches other attorneys this area of law."

Dram shop is a legal term in the U.S. referring to an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold. Dram shop liability refers to the body of law governing the liability of establishments who dispense and sell alcoholic beverages, and injuries or death that result from alcohol-related car crashes and other accidents. David L. Savage has spoken on these claims to other attorneys in the lowcounty at legal seminars.


The key to successfully prosecuting a dramshop action is to begin the investigation immediately. When an auto collision occurs with a drunk driver, law enforcement is focused on investigating the sobriety of the at fault driver. Often evidence of where the at-fault driver had consumed his drugs or alcohol is not preserved. As most intoxicated drivers drive without insurance or maintain minimum insurance limits which are insufficient to cover the damages they cause, the key to obtaining full compensation is locating the bar or restaurant which overserved the at fault driver and proving that at the time that the at fault driver was served he was exhibiting signs of intoxication.


The Savage Law Firm has the experience and the investigators to represent you if you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a person or entity who sold alcohol for consumption which led to the intoxicated state of a driver or person who caused harm. Personal Injury attorney David L. Savage has over 20 years representing those who have suffered harm. He was named as one of the Super Lawyers in 2014, and is a recognized and esteemed speaker to other personal injury attorneys on the subject.


The term dram shop originates from 18th Century England, where “gin-shops” sold homemade gin by the dram (or spoonful).  Today, dram shops could include bars, liquor stores, restaurants, social clubs, and possibly private events in some instances.


If you are involved in a case implicating dram shop liability and are in need of highly professional representation, Contact Attorney David L. Savage to discuss your case today.



View Attorney David L. Savage as he speaks to an assembly of lawyers at the Charleston Bar Association on the topic of Dram Shop Claims.

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