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Auto & Trucking Injuries (Cont.)

The families of those fatally injured in collisions with cars, trucks, tractor trailers, and other commercial vehicles. This experience includes actual trial experience when fault is denied by the at fault driver. We are the auto accident attorneys of Charleston, South Carolina called by those seeking compensation for their injuries or wrongful death of a loved one.


Our law firm focusing in personal injury offers decades of experience in handling complex auto and truck accident injury cases. In our vast experience handling complex auto and truck personal injury claims, we offer our clients the latest technology and the best experts in fields ranging from accident reconstruction specialists to forensic toxicologists to support your claim and pursue the optimum compensation allowable by law. In 2013, there were a reported 30,057 fatal crashes with 32,719 fatalities and 2,313,000 people injured.


These accidents involved passenger cars, light trucks, large trucks and motorcycles. A reported 6,337 people were injured in automobile and traffic collisions per day. The SC Dept of Public Service reports that one traffic collision occurs every 4.9 minutes resulting in one fatal collision every 10.9 hour and one injury collision every 16.3 minutes.


These are sobering numbers, and when it happens to you or your family, the number takes on very real significance when the harms caused by negligent and/or reckless drivers who failed to obey traffic laws or commercial drivers who failed to follow regulations. Our personal injury attorneys are adept in helping grieving families with compassion. They will address appropriate legal issues and seek full compensation for your loss.

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